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    School Code Table (SCT)

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      The School Code Table (SCT) is a repository of data on secondary schools and colleges nationwide (including some international institutions). The SCT is centrally maintained by the UC Office of the President and is used to provide school attributes for the Corporate Student System and the Undergraduate Admission Database. The SCT also is provided to the UC campuses for their use. Initial data for the table was provided by the Admission Testing Program (ATP) of the College Board. ATP provides UCOP with monthly updates of secondary school data and an annual update of college data that are applied to the database through a series of batch jobs. The ATP does not provide certain school attributes, such as California State Department of Education code, location, and school district code; these are maintained by UCOP through an online process developed for this purpose. Campuses may download the live School Code Table from the Corporate Systems Gateway (CSG). Alternatively, they can retrieve the quarterly flat file with updates that is deposited on the vsftp server for their use.


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      School Code Table (SCT) data is available in theCorporate Data Warehouse. Standard reports are available via the web through the Corporate Systems Gateway (CSG). These reports are parameter-driven, which allows standard reports to be tailored to meet specific requests. See our Corporate Data Warehouse Web page for further information, including how to obtain authorization

    Technical Information

      The School Code Table application is written in java using the Sybase database management system running on a UNIX platform. Reports are written using the WebFocus language. Data from the School Code Table is also loaded into the Corporate Data Warehouse on a routine basis. The Corporate Data Warehouse uses the Sybase IQ database management software running on a UNIX platform.

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